Know Your ABC's and Your ABT's
Always Be Training - Always Be Consistent

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Stage 1, is a session discussing dog mannerisms in an effort to help owners or potential owners understand how a dog thinks.  (books and publications will be recommended to shed more light on the subject.)

Stage 2, is a session discussing breed tendencies, not to be confused with mannerisms.  Breed tendencies show common differences between different types of breeds.  For example a Beagle and a Bullmastiff are both dogs and they might have similar mannerisms when it comes to licking your face whey they come to greet you.  However, beagles are hounds that tend to roam and hunt, while bullmastiFf’s are great guard dogs.  If you were interested in a guard dog, I suppose a beagle could help a bit, but if the choice is between a beagle and a bullmastiff and security is your only concern, then the “breed tendency” of a bullmastiff make it more of a logical choice.

Stage 3, is a working session with both trained and untrained dogs.  This session is designed to achieve two things.  First, many folks have never felt a dog at the other end of a leash, trained or untrained.  So, this potential first experience could be quite enjoyable and fun for a potential future dog owner.  It may also be the decision maker to even go out and buy a dog, because some people may not like the experience of walking a dog.  The other reason for this session is to show the differences between an untrained dog, versus a nicely trained dog and maybe even a dog with advanced training.  Sure, we are in the business to train dogs, but this session is mostly to try to motivate people to understand the importance of having a properly trained dog along with properly informed educated owners.



Stage 4, is our BRONZE PLAN, designed for puppies 8 to 12 weeks of age and slightly older dogs either of which have little or no training.  This plan will consist of six, 45 minute sessions, dealing with 12 commonly wanted behaviors.  Name, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Stand, Come, Potty, Free, Yes, Crate and Relax.

Stage 5, is our SILVER PLAN, for adolescent dogs with basic training and hopefully with our Certificate of Achievement from our Bronze Plan.  There will be six, 45 minute sessions, dealing with 12 more slightly advanced but commonly wanted behaviors.  Leave it, Drop it, Heel, Around, No, Out, Hold, Place, Ignore distractions and food on the ground, Rides in a care nicely, Does not bolt through open doors, Walks nicely up and down stairs while on leash.

Stage 6, is our GOLD PLAN, for dogs 6 months of age and up and hopefully with our Certificate of Achievement from our Bronze and Silver Plans.  This plan will consist of five, 45 minute sessions, with necessary behaviors to earn Canine Good Citizen Certification, (CGC). This also includes the test and AK certification for all passing dogs.  However, owners can opt for this plan without having their dog take the test.

Stage 7, is our PLATINUM PLAN, and our final stage. It is for advanced dogs, and hopefully with our Certification of Achievement from our Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans.  This plan will consist of five, 45 minute sessions, with necessary behaviors to earn the AKC, Community Canine Certification (CC).  This also included the test and AKC certification for all passing dogs, however dogs cannot participate in the test if they haven't successfully passed the CGC test, first.  Just like our Gold Plan, owners are not obligated to have their dog take the test if they don’t want to.


NOTE:   1 on 1 training sessions are available for owners who can’t participate or are not comfortable with our 7 stage group sessions.  In addition, custom, advanced and title training are available for individuals not interested in our 7 Stage Program.  Some aggression training is also available, but must be evaluated on a one on one basis. 




Dogs successfully completing any or all stages of our program will receive Certificates of Achievement from our organization.  Participating in any of the AKC included events is optional, but dogs that qualify to take the test, whether they take it our not, should be highly qualified, well trained wonderful members of your family as well as respected within your community.