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Helping Canines Live Together With Their Family, Other Dogs And Their Neighbors, In Harmony

  20% of the proceeds generated from the Annual Membership Fees

are donated annually to either humane societies, shelter groups, or service dog organizations. 

We believe if people and dogs are living together in harmony, not only are the dogs and their owners happier, but it will reduce the number of unwanted dogs euthanized in America annually.

It all starts with PEOPLE FIRST, not dogs.  Without going into detail here, major issues behind the problems people have with dogs, begins and ends with people not dogs.  And it all begins with dog breeding.  The outrageous treatment of dogs bred and raised in deplorable, inhumane conditions across America in “Puppy-Mills” and unqualified backyard breeders fueled by money-motivated “PEOPLE” is a multi-million, possibly billion dollar industry.  Puppy Mills and  Irresponsible Back Yard Breeders are responsible for spreading disease and poor genetics throughout every breed type, especially the fashionably popular, creating countless numbers of dogs annually with unwanted health and/or genetic conditions that could have been prevented.  The first and best way to put a stop to this also starts with “PEOPLE”…...Regular, good American men and women like you and me, who reach into our pockets every day to purchase dogs without knowing we are funding these “puppy mills and breeders” with resources that allow them to continue with their devastating business.  It’s difficult to hear we are the driving force behind such a destructive business, but what was just stated is a FACT, IT IS TRUE, AND WE CAN CHANGE IT...WE CAN STOP IT.


Many different, worthy organizations ask for your donations to subsidize their efforts to assist in serious problems all around the world.  Efforts to eliminate hunger, disease, housing, etc., etc., etc., but in THIS case, for THIS problem, pertaining to inappropriate dog breeding, money is the LAST THING THAT WILL HELP…….This problem exists because of simple economics… and demand, and if we did not subsidize the industry with our money, the industry would not exist and there would not be the number of unwanted dogs that there are in this country.  Annually millions of dogs find their way to humane societies and rescue clubs across America.  Millions of unwanted dogs end up there and a little under 2 million of them never find a loving home and are euthanized.  Mind you, these unwanted dogs are healthy, vaccinated, neutered or spayed, veterinarian checked, and they are still unwanted and destroyed…...EVERY YEAR!!!!

If we discontinue funding “inappropriate breeding,” we will undoubtedly see a noticeable reduction of unwanted dogs and subsequently, euthanized dogs.  It’s relatively simple, cut the cause of any problem, and the problem will go away.


“Inappropriate breeding is NOT the only “PEOPLE BASED” issue behind the lack of harmony between people and some dogs.  Buying dogs for the right reasons and buying a properly suited breed for you and your family will help to prevent unwanted dogs as well.  Understanding the long term commitments and responsibilities of dog ownership is often minimized, and adding to the problem as well.  Lastly, providing a dog and yourself as its owner, with the proper training/education along with proper methods designed to instill wanted behaviors, is key to lasting harmony and fond companionships with our four-legged friends.

We realize as professional dog trainers, one might feel our plea for proper training is a biased effort, but it is not.  And the biggest problem with training can be with some “PEOPLE” who refuse to admit they are NOT QUALIFIED  to teach the proper cues to their dog to instill long term positive, harmonious relationships with their dogs.  Far too often, dog owners bring their dog in for formal, professional training, with problem solving issues, which in most cases would not have existed had the dog and the owner undergone proper education from the beginning.

The problem with “fixing” problem issues is often the cost.  Once a dog learns bad habits, it takes time to restructure the dogs thinking and actions…..the old saying….time is money, couldn’t be any truer than it is in this case.  Often, owners will “tuck tail and turn” at the thought of the potential expense behind “fixing” an existing problem with a dog.  Now, cost isn’t always the case, as many times the problem doesn’t take long to fix.  However, doesn’t take long” is subjective.  Whatever the amount of time necessary to devote, some owners refuse to dedicate it. 

Often, owners want to drop off their dog, and come back at a later date expecting to pick up a superstar.  Many owners don’t realize many of the training issues that pop up with dogs exist a the other end of the leash.  So, while a dog can be professionally trained to do unbelievable commands, if their owner doesn’t have a clue as to the proper handing of their dog, then that superstar dog could and often does find their way to the humane society as well…..  At the same time professional trainers are left dealing with false, negative accusations about their training skills which can be difficult to overcome in a community.

All these things are a combined, contributing factor to the demise of perfectly healthy dogs, with great intelligence and a willingness to please, being destroyed every year in America.  This bleak narrative may have sounded harsh, and it is, but it needs to be said.  You may be saying "…...PURPOSE……I thought this page was supposed to be about the American Canine Club's purpose rather than a scolding for contributing to the destruction of dogs in America."


This page is about OUR PURPOSE…...Once a person has made a decision to buy a dog and understands the commitments and responsibilities associated with it, then those owners owe it to themselves, the dog and their neighbors, to make sure their dog learns wanted behaviors through proper training techniques and methods to achieve them.  In most cases, perhaps 90% of the time, that means professional training.  We can help people before or after a dog is brought home, to assure the best possible outcome.  If you get us involved before you purchase your dog, we can help you understand several key things to look for in the dog/puppy you are considering.  We can point out the different breed tendencies often overlooked when people get wrapped up in the excitement of bringing a dog/puppy home for the first time.  We can find information for you that allows you to know the genetic background of a dog/puppy you are considering whether it's a pure-breed or mix-breed dog and of course we can provide ongoing education and training to you and your dog once you make your decision.  If we can enlighten folks about the negative issues associated with inappropriate dog breeding and assist them in making a choice for a dog/puppy that is best suited for them, We can make a positive impact on the potential downsides of the life of a dog and reduce the number of unwanted dogs in our communities.