Know Your ABC's and Your ABT's
Always Be Training - Always Be Consistent

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Helping Canines Live Together In Harmony, With Their Family, Other Dogs And Their Neighbors

  We believe if people and dogs are living together in harmony, not only are the dogs and their owners happier, but it will reduce the number of unwanted dogs euthanized in America annually.

It all starts with PEOPLE FIRST, not dogs.…...Once a person has made a decision to buy a dog and understands the commitments and responsibilities associated with it, then those owners owe it to themselves, the dog and their neighbors, to make sure their dog learns wanted behaviors through proper training techniques and methods to achieve them.  In most cases, perhaps 90% of the time, that means professional training.  We can help people before or after a dog is brought home, to assure the best possible outcome.  If you get us involved before you purchase your dog, we can help you understand several key things to look for in the dog/puppy you are considering.  We can point out the different breed tendencies often overlooked when people get wrapped up in the excitement of bringing a dog/puppy home for the first time.  We can find information for you that allows you to know the genetic background of a dog/puppy you are considering whether it's a pure-breed or mix-breed dog and of course we can provide ongoing education and training to you and your dog once you make your decision.  If we can enlighten folks about the negative issues associated with inappropriate dog breeding and assist them in making a choice for a dog/puppy that is best suited for them, We can make a positive impact on the potential downsides of the life of a dog and reduce the number of unwanted dogs in our communities.