Know Your ABC's and Your ABT's
Always Be Training - Always Be Consistent

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  20% of the proceeds generated from the Annual Membership Fees

are donated annually to either humane societies, shelter groups, or service dog organizations. 


We consider ourselves a “CLUB” versus a business……..unlike any other CLUB, our Members are not human beings, our members are the DOGS.

The Annual Membership Fee Is Only $60.00, which includes many benefits that both dogs and their owners can enjoy.

*  Depending on the degree of training a dog receives, there can be thousands of dollars in savings simply because he or she is a MEMBER.

*  All Member’s owners receive a 25% discount on all retail items and promotional merchandise for sale.

*  Annually one of the Club Staff attends the Westminster Dog Show in New York and that Staffer will bring one of the Member’s owners along for the weekend.  The Member’s owner can bring one guest with them as well…..Included in the weekend will be a hotel room, access to the Dog Show for the weekend as well as air fair.

*  Periodically the Club will sponsor parties, mock trials, as well as trial preparation events.  These events are for any Member to participate in, even if a trial isn’t in their future.  These events and parties are designed to expose the Members and their owners to a variety of activities in an attempt to continue to socialize dogs, while meeting other dog owners and having fun.