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American Canine Club is proud to sponsor a program for the Foundational Training for Potential Service Dogs.

This program is designed to identify dogs with the unique temperament and intelligence necessary to potentially qualify them as a service and/or therapy dog.  Once we locate a nice dog with the special temperament and skill qualities, we provide all the Proper Socialization and Foundational Basic Training needed for a dog to move forward into a highly advanced level of specialized service training. 

We are in need of and are looking for, quality individuals and families to volunteer for what we call, A HOME RAISER, in Wisconsin.

These individuals and/or families will take in one of our dogs, and begin the basic foundational training that we will outline for them, and supervise over a period of 6 to 8 months.  We will provide all the food, treats, toys and veterinarian needs during the entire time the Home Raiser has one of our dogs.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Raiser, please contact us to discuss the possibility.


Thank you.